We are Ameel Candy World, a company sweet as candy!

Ameel Candy World is a Belgian, nation-wide, independent family business. As a wholesaler, we are specialized in B2B commerce and delivery of candy, sweets and drinks. We offer – apart from all traditional products by well-known brands – an attractive and exclusive product range of finger licking specialities.

Our customers can be found in all types of sales channels : from vending operators, over bakeries, convenience stores, gas stations, chocolate houses, drink markets and wholesalers,  border shops, institutes, grocery stores and market vendors, night shops, advertising agencies, delis and associations, video stores and even hospitals.

Tom Ameel, son of founder Wilfried, strives for 100% happy customers every day, together with his team.

Ameel Candy World is a healthy enterprise with a strategic vision for the future.  In this vision, we focus on and specialize in purchase and sales of only sweets, snacks and drinks. 

On a daily basis, and following an efficacious system, we supply a large part of our thousands of customers in all of Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and France, until far beyond Paris. We export around the world.

To realize all of the above, our team is ready for you, every day!

We are a team.

First and foremost, we are a close team of about 50 employees. Over the last years, our company developed into a large enterprise without losing its family spirit. This family spirit determines our company and is the engine of our team.

This principle pays off; the Ameel Candy World team has been nominated more than once by the weekly magazine Trends for ‘Trends Gazelle of the Year’ in the category of ‘Large Enterprises’.

Why do our customers choose for us?

  • Because of our broad and up-to-date product range, including all well-known brands as well as an attractive range of distinctive, exclusive products and house brands. 
  • Because of our advisory representatives who think together with the customer. 
  • Because of our competitive prices.
  • Because of our numerous promotions and our yearly motivating saving campaign.
  • Because of our far-reaching personal service.
  • Because of our guarantee for good expiry dates on all our products.
  • Because of our impeccable delivery with our own logistics.

What do we do?

We follow an efficacious working method.

Our goal is to advise and assist our customers in the purchase and sale of confectionery and drinks. We ensure quick and correct delivery of all orders, together with transparent and correct invoicing. To accomplish this, we have a rigid organization.

That is why every business process at Ameel Candy World is a component of a tested system.

  • We purchase directly with the supplier and distribute the goods to our customers, at home and abroad. 
  • We offer an added value with our house brands and exclusive products in cooperation with our own packaging plant. 
  • Our representatives regularly visit all our customers, not only for sale, but also for actual advise.
  • Our 4-weekly promotional brochure, our Easter and End-of-the-Year catalogues and our transparent website contribute to an easy insight into our current promotions and product range.
  • We meet all requirements for traceability. 
  • We have our own system to guarantee the customer good expiry dates on our products. 

On top of that, we organize our famous +Events on a yearly basis. 
These events/fairs not only strengthen the contact between our company and its customers, but they also enable interaction with all our suppliers whose innovations can be discovered and tasted here.


Wilfried Ameel, Tom’s father, starts up as a wholesaler in confectionary in Roeselare, under the name ‘Ameel Confiserie’.

The business moves from the Ieperstraat in Roeselare to a new building in the Industrieweg, Roeselare.

The one-man business ‘Ameel Confiserie’ becomes the corporation ‘Ameel Candy World’! For the company and its employees this was a historic step. Furthermore, two brand new house brands are born: Lollywood and Biscyland.

Wilfried’s son Tom joins the company.

Ameel Candy World grows and grows. Our warehouse becomes too small. The complete stock moves to the storage facilities of Veurinck, a neighboring firm in the industrial zone of Beveren-Roeselare.

United Sweets is founded by the family Ameel and becomes a sister company of Ameel Candy World. As a super specialized packing plant, United Sweets works in close cooperation with us.

Because of the growth, a drastic expansion of the building in the Industrieweg is much needed. Both offices and warehouse are thoroughly renovated. We actively start integrating the French market… and successfully!

We start using our brand new buildings in the Industrieweg, which entails a capacity expansion of 700%.

The confectionary wholesalers ‘Helva’ from Buggenhout and ‘Snoepworld Vetters’, situated in Wilrijk, bolster our ranks.

We reach the magical turnover of 1 billion… Belgian francs! 

Ameel Candy World celebrates its 10th birthday. We transcend the threshold of 3000 customers. Our sales market undergoes a strong geographical expansion.

Ameel Candy World concludes agreements with Kloen. For every green bag of Lollywood candy sold, a certain amount goes to vzw Kloen. This npo supports organizations that bring sick children moments of happiness. 

Introduction of the e-commerce. Implementation of brand new ERP-software, linked to an interactive platform for communication and real-time ordering on our new website. We are ready for the digital transformation.
Beam me up, Scotty!

Ameel Candy World - national wholesaler of candy, soft drinks and chocolate - has redesigned two of its famous Lollywood trucks. The latest additions look completely different, but fit better into the overall picture that Ameel Candy World is today. "A logical choice," says Guillaume Reynaert, head of logistics at Ameel Candy World. Check it out here!