More sales in your shop with our displays!

In order to stimulate your sales of our brands Lollywood & Traditionals at the point of sale, you can buy a display of Lollywood or Traditionals at Ameel Candy World or have it loaned to you free of charge (*see conditions below).


Lollywood Displays
Our eye-catching mobile LOLLYWOOD displays guarantee more sales at your point of sale. Place them in a strategic position near the cash register or where many people pass by.
Easy to move and eye-catching with the green LOLLYWOOD header!
There are 4 different displays available: the SMALL and the MEDIUM for placing on the counter and the LARGE and EXTRA LARGE for placing on the ground.


Traditionals Displays
Our sturdy wooden furniture in Flamant style reinforces the TRADITIONALS concept and guarantees more sales at your point of sale.
Tell us: this radiates pure craftsmanship, doesn't it?

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