Dear Customer,

We are currently massively confronted with reports of increased gas and electricity prices, increasingly expensive transportation, unprecedented price increases of raw materials, wage indexation, increased rents, etc.

At some point we too will no longer be able to ignore them. We now receive price increases from our suppliers on a daily basis. Contrary to normal practice, the price agreements are stopped and the new prices take effect immediately.

The suppliers understandably cite force majeure as the reason.

We have buffered these increases as much as possible during our trading period, but now we are forced to pass them on in turn.

Because this would not happen unnoticed, we offer you this notification. This allows you in turn to adjust your selling prices as well.

We thank you in any case for your understanding and know that we ourselves are not at the basis of these increases. Together with you, we hope that normal life and acceptable market prices can one day be part of normal business life again.

DOWNLOAD HERE the document to find out which suppliers come up with price changes.