Diversity in products

Our product range holds a variety of confectionery and drinks, including all well-known brands as well as an attractive range of distinctive, exclusive products and house brands. Not only do we have the latest trends, also the traditional and artisanal Belgian products are in our range.

Innovative products

Thanks to our excellent and long-term connections with the manufacturers, we are the first to introduce the latest trends and innovations in the field of confectionery. 


With no minimum order quantity, you have the possibility to combine a variety of products, without having to purchase large amounts at once. Tailor your stocks and best before dates to your real sale.


We guarantee traceability of all our products and transparent communication about their best before dates.

Far-reaching personal service

We offer the best personal service and are always ready to help you with all your questions. With every customer, we strive to propose the best tailored solution.


We are always searching for your best transportation method and prices. Our customers normally place an order by EX works.